DATE            CLIENT                                            DESCRIPTION
105devam ediyorYENIGUN Inc. Co.Business Process Management Reviewing of Yenigün Process Management System to help develop a new process management system including managerial, operational and support processes, implement necessary optimizations in accordance with the process performance goals, and thus establish effective construction management system. 
122devam ediyorYENIGUN Inc. Co.Construction ManagementEstablishment of construction methods, duration, cost and resource monitoring and control system by forming planning --with the use of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), programming, monitoring and reporting infrastructure. 
1082006TED Turkish Education AssociationPhysical Standardization of 18 TED schoolsPhysical Standardization of 18 TED schools that are located all around Turkey. Architectural and engineering standardization, preparation of Standards Hand Book, monitoring, preparation of architectural designs of new school buildings. 
1172004Association of Turkish NotariesReport of The Elderly HousePreparation of research study on the Elderly House Project of the Education, Health and Social Security Foundation of Association of Turkish Notaries.  
1212003TUBITAKNational Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology Ankara BranchThe implementation of the architectural projects and supervision of the National Electronic and Cryptography Research Institution Ankara Branch - Ankara (700 m2). 
1192003Republic of Turkey, Undersecretary of TreasuryPrivatization Social Support ProjectProvision of coordination services between The Undersecretary of Treasury, Privatization Administration, Research Company and The Technical Assistancy Consultant, IMPAQ to monitor the social impact of the economic reform program under PSSP. 
1202001TUBITAKIstanbul Gebze - National Research Institute of Electronics and CryptologyThe implementation of the architectural projects and supervision of the construction, Marmara Research Institution, National Electronic and Cryptography Research Institution. Gebze - Izmit. (In corporation with Okutan Eng. Ltd) (14,000 m2).Resimler/referanslar/tubitak1.jpg
1061999OSTIM FoundationOSTIM Technical UniversityEstablishment of OSTIM Technical University in order to develop a cooperation between industry and university. This study is being co-operated with the Professors in Middle East Technical University. 
981998Aksular Construction Inc. Co.Ankara Cankaya - Mamak ViaductFeasibility studies and financial planning of preparation of bidding document for Ankara Cankaya - Mamak Viaduct. 
1031997Republic of Turkey, Undersecretary of TreasuryLabour Adjustment ProgramConsultancy services of the Undersecretary of Treasury for the provision of technical assistance for the implementation of labour adjustment programs (Contracts are signed between GUNARDA - DEET - TREASURY 
1011997Cetamer Ltd. Co.ULUS Tunnel and Enviroment OrganizingULUS Tunnel Project Contract Management services for Greater City Municipality of Ankara. 
971996Aksular Construction Inc. Co.ULUS Tunnel and Enviroment OrganizingFeasibility studies, time scheduling, technology choice, traffic planning and traffic flow of ULUS Tunnel and its environment. 
1231994Ministry of National Education Basic Education Development ProjectSelection of the lands for the eight year primary schools, preparation of the building schedules, calculation of initial investment cost and designing the model projects between the contents of the Basic Education Development Project signed between the World Bank and Ministry of National Education. 
1071994UNDP (United Nations Development Program) 17 State HospitalsPreparation of existing situation survey studies, renovation plans, bill of quantities and renovation project of 17 state hospitals with capacities between 30-450 beds, selected according to the contract between the World Bank and the Ministry of Health Affairs. 
1021989General Directorate of ETIBANK Department of Project DevelopmentInformation SystemDevelopment of information system that regards setting up projects, project management, monitoring and project investment. 
1001988ATAKOY Inc. Co.Atakoy Galeria and Marina - Software ServicesProject management software services for construction of Ataköy Shopping Mall (Galeria) and Marina. 
991988ATA Construction & Trade Ltd. Co.Ataturk Dam and HPP - Software ServicesProject management software services for construction of Ataturk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant. 
1041987ISTANBUL Buyuksehir Municipality Department of ProjectProject Monitoring SystemDevelopment of project monitoring system that regards investments. 

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