GUNARDA was established in 1982 to commercially implement the academic research carried out in Turkey on sustainable energy resources, specifically solar energy. Consequently, the name GUNARDA was chosen, which is an acronmy for Solar Research and Consultancy in Turkish.

As a result of its restructuring, the name of the company and its logo and colors were changed in April 2009 to GUNARDA Project Management – Research and Consultancy Inc. Co. Its new logo is shown below:

GUNARDA’s first project in the solar energy arena was the construction of a housing complex with 2020 units on the OR-AN road. However, due to high investment costs, the project was not implemented by the investor, Ministry of National Defence (MND). Nonetheless, the proposal resulted in a breakthrough decision by the MND, which, from that point on, required proposals to be given on a squaremeter and lump-sum basis – encouraging construction companies to compete with their technologies instead of solely relying on their financial proposals. This decision created a new and very important niche: “Construction Management”. GUNARDA became a construction management consultant for one of the contracting companies and contributed significantly to the completion of the project profitably and on time. Consequently, the company’s strategy was re-aligned to provide construction management and project management services.

At the same time, GUNARDA made substantial investments in R&D and created its proprietary software (initially designed for mini-computers) PYP - Project Management Package – which enhanced and differentiated its service offering. Further investments were made in 1984 to adopt PYP to new PCs and consultancy services were provided by using this software until 1994.

1994 was an important turning point for GUNARDA. The Company, which provided project and construction management services in numerous big and important projects with success until then, moved to realize a unique dream project consistent with its goal of establishment. GUNARDA undertook the design and supervision of Turkey’s first and only scientific observatory and its guest house facilities. Turkey National Observatory (TUG) Project of The Scientific and Technical Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) was built at Bakirlitepe at an attitude of 2,500 m. near the Saklikent region of Antalya province under a higly specific and stringent set of criteria. The guest house facilities for the scientists are heated completely with PASSIVE systems by utilizing solar power under extremely harsh conditions where temperatures can go down to -25 degrees celcius. The building does not need any other heating system apart from the occasional use of mobile electrical heaters in extreme conditions. This project was reviewed as a research project at Middle East Technical University (METU) and a scientific article was published at the journal of “Building and Environment”. Guest house facilities are still fully functional and performing very well. Please see our “Documents” page for details. From this date on GUNARDA began to specialize in unique “Design and Design Management” projects which became a second niche market for the company.

In 2007 the company started offering system analysis and process management services under its integrated project/construction management services in order to improve the insufficient organizational capacity of its clients in these two key areas.

GUNARDA, aware of the importance of training and capacity building activities in every sector, started to offer tailor-made training programs for its clients to share its knowledge and experience with their managers and staff. Modular training programs developed by the Company are offered to its clients under three main categories: “Personal Development”, “Managerial Skills Development” and “Professional Skills Development”. Sectoral based and company oriented training and capacity building programs have been enthusiastically received by our clients and offers a secular growth market for the company. Expansion of target groups with different programs is currently ongoing.

GUNARDA, with its in-depth knowledge and national and international experience in the management of “Education Sector” projects, is also actively expanding its presence in this exciting sector through joint ventures efforts in internationally financed projects. GUNARDA seeks to provide planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and controlling services as well as conducting project impact evaluations to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of education from early childhood development through to higher education and life long learning using its expertise in project management and process management.

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GÜNARDA    GUNARDA Project Management – Research and Consultancy Inc. Co.
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