GUNARDA, as a complement to its consultancy services, also prepares “tailored made” training and capacity building programs for its clients based on their company specific needs.

Tailor-made training and capacity building programs are for managers, candidates for the managers and technical staff to let them gain necessary and sufficient qualifications thus help creating sustainability of the services provided to the organization/company after the completion of consultancy services by GUNARDA. These programs assist employees in identifying where their individual strengths and weaknesses lie relative to a target job position, help acquire managerial skills and make them more aware of selected professional subject areas in order to increase communication and cooperation in a multidiscipinary environment.

These training programs are provided under three modules:

a. Personal Development Module
b. Managerial Skills Development Module
c. Professional Development Module

Each module consists of the following sub-components that are customized according to our clients’ needs:


• Personal development process
• Communication and communication management
• Motivation
• Stress management
• Negotiation techniques
• Conflict management


• Organizational culture
• Strategic management
• Project management
   -  Project scope management
   -  Project time management
   -  Project cost management
   -  Project resource management
   -  Project contract management
   -  Project risk management
   -  Project procurement management
   -  Project human resources management
• Problem solving techniques and decision making processes
• Quality management system
• Leadership
• Process management
• Meeting management
• Human resources management
   -  Recruitment and placement
   -  Orientation and rotation
   -  Job analysis and salary systems
   -  Training and capacity building
   -  Performance evaluation
   -  Career planning
   -  Promotion and retention
   -  Termination of employment


• Quality control
• Interactions between mekanical, electrical and construction works
• Occupational health and safety
• Financial management

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