Our Project Management services encompass planning, monitoring and evaluation, and controlling activities. A higly competitive global construction sector has made management of project costs, duration, resources and quality of paramount importance. GUNARDA, as a pioneering and leading firm in construction management, provides integrated project management services aimed at optimizing performance in these four components.


GUNARDA provides Project Management/Construction Management services to contractors as well as employers in and outside of Turkey. Our solutions enable contractors to produce timely, efficient and high-quality work and thus increase their competitive advantage in national and international markets. Services that are provided by GUNARDA under the construction management are listed below:
• Strategical planning,
• Contract management,
• Construction methodology,
• Investment planning,
• Time planning,
• Resource planning, monitoring, efficiency measurement
• Earned value analysis,
• Cost control,
• Database composition for proposal preparation,
• Weekly/Monthly Reporting,
• Project Implementation Completion Reporting

These services are carried out in cooperation and collaboration with our clients. On-the-job and/or in-service training is concurrently provided to the client’s existing and new staff to enable them to sustain the system created by GUNARDA consultants. In addition to providing construction management services in building industry,

GUNARDA, with its know-how and experience, is increasing its project management services in the social sector, too.

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GÜNARDA    GUNARDA Project Management – Research and Consultancy Inc. Co.
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